Engine Tune High Performance Package

Don't simply rely on Wideband. Obtain more information and unlock the secrets of combustion chemistry to fine-tune your engine like never before. The High Performance Package includes our upgraded 5 gas analyzer, DYNO interface DAC module, complete set of hoses and cables, and our dynamic Engine Tune Software.

Pricing Info

Come visit us at Booth 5420 during the PRI Trade Show at the Indiana Convention Center December 7-9, 2017.

Features and Benefits 

Model 8000 HP is a portable, stand-alone unit able to test a vehicle in your shop or on the road. Power is supplied by a 110/220V AC/DC converter or 12V DC. The 8000 HP has an upgraded sample system for faster gas reaction time and a heavy duty filtration system. The EMS DAC module interfaces with DYNO analog inputs. The 8000 HP model uses all updated electronics. The compact unit features robust metal housing designed to withstand the most difficult shop or mobile environments.

The included EMS Engine Tune software pools the 5 gas analyzer and DYNO data together into intuitive graphs that allow you to see what is happening with your engine more clearly. The software organizes all the information about your engine and allows you to make more informed tuning decisions to maximize efficiency and power.

The research and development team will be hosting a subscription-based user group in the near future to discuss and compare results with our customers.

Maximum Information for Fine-Tuning

Pooled Graphical Data

Save Tests for Comparison

User Group


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Brand New & Improved Filtration System!

Old Water Water Trap Filter System

New Filtration System With Disposable Coalescing and Sintered PEL Element Filters in Nylon Filter Housings


Software Images

Intuitive Graphs Combine 5 Gas Analyzer and DYNO Data

Input Engine Info To Engine Build Sheet

Trace Editor for Vertical Y-Scale and Gas Sample Time

Open a Second Graph for Comparison



Product Specifications

Power:10 -16 VDC
Range:HC: 0 - 2000 ppm Low Range
HC: 0 - 20,000 ppm High Range
CO: 0 - 10%
CO2: 0 - 20%
O2: 0 - 25%
NO: 0 - 5000 ppm ( Nitric Oxide ) *
Warm Up:Less than 5 minutes
Display Resolution:HC: 1 ppm vol.
CO: 0.01% vol.
CO2: 0.1% vol.
O2: 0.01% vol.
NO: 1ppm*
Softeware Display:Displays all 5 gases, AFR & LAMDA Plus 8 Analog Inputs
Accuracy (Bar 97 EPA ASM):HC: 4 ppm HC
CO: 0.02% CO
CO2: 0.3% CO2
O2: 0.1% O2
NO: 25 ppm*
Drift:Zero and span drift are less than ± 0.6% of full scale for the first hour and less than ± 0.4% of full scale per hour thereafter.
System response time:Bench: 1.5 Sec/11 ft. hose 5 sec. to final reading
Ambient conditions:35F (2C) to 120F (45C), rel. humidity 0-98%
Sample hose:25 feet (7.5 m) with QD coupling /200 F Degrees Max.
Sample probe:Stainless steel 1200 Degrees F (replaceable flex tip)
Mass:Approx.: 10 LBS. (4.5 Kg)

Warranty Information

  • Standard parts and labor 1 year warranty
  • Optical bench is covered for 18 months