Model 5003

The 5003 is our current standard model. This unit features a Live Read touch screen display. Also available as a 4 gas or 5 gas analyzer to suit your specific needs. Planned updates to include Ethernet and wireless LAN capabilities.

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Features and Benefits 

Model 5003 is a portable stand alone unit able to test a vehicle in your shop or on the road. Power is supplied by the vehicle under test or an optional 110/220 VAC converter.

It is designed to meet BAR 97 ( EPA ASM ) and OIML R99 Class 0 standards. The 5003
model uses all updated electronics and a 7” HD touch screen display. The unit is compact
featuring robust metal housing designed to withstand the most difficult shop or mobile
environments. The unit can be shipped as a four or five gas analyzer.

Touch Screen Display

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Planned Updates

Future updates will enable Ethernet and Wireless LAN functionality.


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Product Specifications

Power:10 -16 VDC
Range:HC: 0 - 2000 ppm Low Range
HC: 0 - 20,000 ppm High Range
CO: 0 - 10%
CO2: 0 - 20%
O2: 0 - 25%
NO: 0 - 5000 ppm ( Nitric Oxide ) *
Warm Up:Less than 5 minutes
Display Resolution:HC: 1 ppm vol.
CO: 0.01% vol.
CO2: 0.1% vol.
O2: 0.01% vol.
NO: 1ppm*
Digital Display:7” HD touch screen displays all 5 gases, AFR & LAMDA
Accuracy (Bar 97 EPA ASM):HC: 4 ppm HC
CO: 0.02% CO
CO2: 0.3% CO2
O2: 0.1% O2
NO: 25 ppm*
Drift:Zero and span drift are less than ± 0.6% of full scale for the first hour and less than ± 0.4% of full scale per hour thereafter.
System response time:Bench: 1.5 Sec/25 ft. hose 5 sec. to 90% of final reading
Ambient conditions:35F (2C) to 120F (45C), rel. humidity 0-98%
Sample hose:25 feet ( 7.5 m) with QD coupling /200 F Degrees Max.
Sample probe:Stainless steel 1200 Degrees F ( replaceable flex tip )
Mass:Approx.: 10 LBS. ( 4.5 Kg )

Warranty Information

  • Standard parts and labor 1 year warranty
  • Optical bench is covered for 18 months